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This Customer Agreement (“Agreement”) is made as of the date set forth on the reverse hereof and by and between Remedy Dental Studio (“Company”) and the customer set forth on the reverse hereof (“Customer”). The Company and the Customer do hereby agree as follows:

  1. Payment Terms. Full payment, as set forth on the Company’s current price sheet for all products, work, services or shipments requested by the Customer pursuant to each order placed by the Customer shall be due no later than the 30th day after the date of the statement date (the “Due Date”) (i.e., on a Net 30 basis), regardless of when actually received by Customer. Any remaining, unpaid balances existing past the Due Date shall be considered past due.
  2. Past Due Amounts. On any past due balances, Customer agrees to pay a late monthly charge equal to two percent (2%) of any such balance. This late charge will accrue on a pro-rata basis during each 30 day period starting on the Due Date and continuing until the unpaid past due balance is paid in full. No late charges shall accrue during the first thirty (30) days from the date of the statement (net 30 days). Unless elected otherwise by the Company, any promotional discounts will be void if the invoice total is not paid when due; and any and all future shipments to the Customer shall be on a C.O.D. basis only, as to the entire outstanding balance, until the Customer’s entire outstanding balance and any late charges are paid in full.


Due to increases in materials and labor we are forced to charge for remakes. We can not absorb the cost of any remake that is the result of an inaccurate or destroyed model. If a patient changes their mind during or after production of any case, you will incur the cost of any and all changes. Once a case has been completed, any changes made will be regarded as a new case.

A frame is only as good as the model that it was made on. It is the only guideline we have, therefore if the model is an accurate representation of the patient’s mouth then the frame will fit exactly same way in the mouth as on the model. If the model, however, is not accurate, then the frame will fit the model but not the patient’s mouth. We will only be held responsible for the fit of the frame on the model that it was made on.

  1. Remedy Dental Studio will absorb the cost of single unit remakes that failed within one year of the invoice date. When the clients trim their own dies and the crown is short, Remedy Dental Studio will not absorb the cost.
  2. For cases involving multiple units the policy gets more involved.
  • Obvious lab failure. NO CHARGE.
  • Obvious client failure. FULL CHARGE.
  • if no obvious cause is found for the inaccurate seating of a restoration there will be a charge of ½ the total cost to make the restoration.